Attention: CEO’s, Executive Directors, Development Directors, Implementers and Action-Takers 
Nonprofit Experts Reveal Proven System That Puts Your Fundraising on Autopilot
 So You Can Focus on Your Mission Regardless of Economic Conditions! (Yes, even in a recession!)
That’s a bold promise, right?

But it's a promise that we can deliver.

Because this is a system that’s been tested in the field for over 50+ years. With organizations of every size, location, budget, mission, or economic climate.

And it's a system that never fails to deliver.



That said, there are a few exceptions that are not flaws of the system. The system won't work if you don’t use it as intended. The system won’t work if you’re not an implementer or action taker. Or if you simply can’t make decisions about the direction of your organization.

If you've ever experienced any of these:

  • Frustration and utter burnout with very little to show for it
  • Inconsistent cash flow
  • Overwhelm by the “noise” of endless things you could/should be doing to move your organization forward
  • Tired of running event after event
  • Trying out all kinds of productivity hacks only to wind up with still more stuff on your plate
  • Finding it hard to make sense of these chaotic times and economic climate
  • Scrambling to find funds for your programs or compromising your mission
  • Longing to finally get to a place where your funding is under control so you can do work that inspires you

If any of these are familiar, you’re not alone. We hear these concerns on a daily basis from non-profit professionals all around the globe.

But there is a way to get your nonprofit to a place where you never have to worry about funding. A place where you have tremendous peace of mind and you’re able to focus on your mission. The work that truly inspires you.

While I can teach you the whole system in less than an hour, the devil and effectiveness are in the details of how this system is put into place and implemented.

Announcing The Fundraising Mastermind!

Once you're accepted, you’ll be joining a mastermind group, unlike anything you may have heard about or tried before. Because, yes, while there will be a group of like-minded peers to bounce ideas off of and get support, the similarities end there.

The Fundraising Mastermind has one clear objective . To get you into the rare position enjoyed by only the top 5% of all organizations who have their funding systems in place, firing on all cylinders.

And you’ll get you there in 6 months or less!!

In order to accomplish that, we’re only working with individuals who can make decisions. If you need to get permission or “sell” your board to send out an email, this is not the program for you. We also only want action-takers and implementers. If you are looking for something “passive,” this program is not for you.

I can hear it already, “but you said one of the benefits of this program was working less and making more.” This is true. You'll initially need to put in the work (2-4 hours a week). But you'll have the security of knowing that you're working on "the right things."

And you’ll get immediate relief that comes from having clarity about your objectives and a proven plan to get you there.

Recession Proof Your Nonprofit!
At the completion of your six months with your mentorship, you will have created:

  •  Your fundraising plan and an irresistible case for support
  • Your revenue producing donor newsletter (yes! this really works!)
  • Your written plan for transforming first time donors into loyal donors
  • Your plan and tools for growing your monthly giving program
  • Your end-of-year fundraising campaign (guaranteed to double or triple your results) 
The odds of increased revenue are 148% higher when your nonprofit has a smart, written plan in place. In Module One we'll review your plan. And we'll cover those money mindsets that hinder your growth.
Why would a donor or a funder give you their money over any other nonprofit, thing or service? In Module Two, we'll help you develop your organization's most compelling case for support AND develop your unique stories. 
You are a newsletter away from a financial windfall when you do it the way we’ll teach you. Together we'll create your first donor newsletter - or strengthen the one you have to seize this opportunity.

There’s incredible power and peace of mind to opening your doors on the 1st of the month and knowing you have enough money coming in to pay the bills like clockwork. We'll also create your manageable plan for ensuring that your first time donor makes a second gift.
With so much riding we’ll actually spend two full months on your campaign. Knocking it out of the ballpark requires serious planning and execution and we’ll help you finish the program with your “homerun” on a silver platter.
No CEO or ED is an island. It is too easy to get caught up in our own think/feel bubble. Connecting with other like minded high level folks affords you a level of objectivity, clarity and grounding to navigate even the most chaotic times like an elite leader
Want to create your systems and scale your nonprofit FAST?
A Word From Our Students:
“Aimee has both informed and inspired me and our team to lose ourselves in the joyous undertaking of caring for our donors. She keeps us informed of best practices and trends industry wide as she is connected to and conversing with leaders in her field. That has taken us to new levels in knowing, caring for, and connecting with those who provide the fuel for our cause to move forward.

I cannot imagine our ideal future without the significant and lasting brushstrokes that Aimee has provided. Truly, we are better because of our work together.”
CEO, YouthReach International
“…this is what I love about the Simple Development Systems model and your support for us - it makes us believe that we can do it *and* teaches us how to get started.  We're actually launching our first ever Major Gifts strategy, and I walked away from that webinar with a concrete plan of action that we are already starting to implement. I LOVED it - so thank you!

When we first joined SDS, it was really just me, as a fundraising CEO. Now we have a team of 4 staff - my time (which is now spent very differently - more focused on donor stewardship!), plus three full-time staff: a Director of External Relations, a Development Program Associate, and a person who is part-time Communications and part-time development.”
Formerly of OneJustice
“I am so excited to say that after our coaching session, I was able to have an open and honest conversation with my ED. I advocated for a grant-writing consultant to come on so that I can spend more time loving our donors, and got the green light to co-create a plan to promote a culture of philanthropy that engages our Board and staff. Plus — I got a raise and a promotion! Thank you for everything, Pamela!”

Your Guide: Aimee Vance
Aimee Vance has worked in the nonprofit sector for 30+ years. Her experience runs the gamut from small, local organizations to the nationally renowned. Aimee’s vast experience in the nonprofit sector has resulted in intimate knowledge of the inner workings of nonprofits and that knowledge informs her expertise in the area of fundraising. Whether crafting direct mail campaigns, major gift and capital campaigns, cases for support, assisting in board development, or assisting nonprofits in pursuing relationships with community philanthropists, Aimee’s ingenuity has produced hundreds of millions of dollars for deserving nonprofits around the globe.

Aimee serves as part of the “crew” at

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Your Guide: Pamela Grow
Pamela Grow empowers nonprofits to raise the money of their dreams through her fundraising systems. She’s the author of Simple Development Systems | Successful Fundraising for Life, the founder of Basics & More™ fundraising fundamentals online training, co-founder of Major Gift Academy, and publisher of The Grow Report, the leading weekly enewsletter for small nonprofits.

Pamela was named one of the 50 Most Influential Fundraisers by Civil Society magazine, and named one of the Top 25 Most Effective Fundraising Consultants by  She can help you create your nonprofit’s fundraising systems to thrive — in any economy.

Stop worrying about fundraising. Enroll now.
The Fundraising Mastermind was created for smart fundraising executive directors and development directors who are ready and able to take action. Fundraisers who are tired of the nonprofit hamster wheel and want their nonprofits to be fully funded now. 
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